Category: General Foot Care

Orthotics Treatment

Orthotics Treatment in Adelaide

Orthotics Treatment in Adelaide Do you suffer from constant aching in the feet? You may need an orthotics. Compared to a shoe insert, which you can buy from a store without a prescription to provide cushioning and support to your feet, orthotics are specialized products that treat your feet. Difference between a shoe insert and […]
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Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown Toenails Treatment in Adelaide

Ingrown Thicken Toenails Treatment in Adelaide The ingrown toenails is a common condition and affects thousands of Australians on a regular basis. An ingrown toenail happens when a side of the nail moves down and pushes into the surrounding skin area. Though it can affect any toe, the big toe is typically affected.  It is […]
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cracked heels

Cracked Heels Treatment in Adelaide

Cracked Heels Treatment in Adelaide When the skin around your heels becomes dry, it leads to a condition known as cracked heels. Almost 25 percent of Australians developed cracked heels at some point. Though it affects adults and children, it has been seen that women are more often affected than men. Painful cracked heels are […]
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Neuroma Treatment

Neuroma Treatment in Adelaide

Neuroma Treatment in Adelaide A neuroma treatment, also known ‘pinched nerve’ is a painful condition that can affect any area of the body.  One of the most affected areas is the foot, giving rise to a specialized condition called ‘Morton’s Neuroma’, which typically affects the area between the third and fourth toe. The benign progression […]
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Hammer Toe

Hammer Toe Treatment in Adelaide

Hammer Toe Treatment in Adelaide Hammer toe is a condition that causes deformity in the second, third and fourth toe. It alters the structure of the middle joint in the affected toe so that it appears bent down, giving an impression of a hammer.  To begin with, the hammer toe appears flexible but if the […]
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Toe Deformities

Toe Deformities Treatment in Adelaide

Toe Deformities Treatment in Adelaide Toe deformities can occur due to many different reasons, such as bone deformities, congenital disabilities, strokes, conditions that affect ligaments and tendons, etc You might notice that some toes on your feet are shaped differently from others. The four small toes on your foot are called the phalanges, and the […]
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Sprain and Fractures Treatments

Sprain and Fractures Treatment in Adelaide

Sprain and Fractures Treatments in Adelaide They often occur due to overuse injury or repetitive stress on the bone. Sprain and fractures pain gradually worsens over time, especially during weight-bearing activities, and you may find tenderness at the stress fracture site. Why Choose KMW Treatment : At Keep Me Walking Podiatry we will assess your […]
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Heel Spurs Treatment

Heel Spurs Treatment in Adelaide

Heel Spurs Treatment in Adelaide Heel spurs occur due to repetitive stress on the soft tissue structures that attach to the heel bone, the plantar fascia. A Heel spur is a calcium growth at the bottom of the heel. It looks like a small hook on an X-ray image. Commonly, pain from a heel spur may […]
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Foot pain Treatment

Foot Pain Treatment in Adelaide

Foot Pain Treatment in Adelaide Sometimes the foot pain you may be experiencing could be due to past injuries or underlying conditions. At Keep Me Walking Podiatry in Adelaide, we will assess your pain and choose a suitable treatment plan for your specific condition. Why Choose KMW for Foot Pain Treatment: At Keep Me Walking […]
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Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal Nail Infection Treatment in Adelaide

Fungal Nail Infection Treatment in Adelaide Have you noticed that your nails are becoming thicker or taking on a yellow/white tinge? You may have a fungal nail infection. Onychomycosis is a common fungal infection that affects the nails. Nail infections develop over time, and you will usually begin to notice changes in your nail. Fungal […]
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