Neuroma Treatment in Adelaide

Neuroma Treatment in Adelaide

A neuroma treatment, also known ‘pinched nerve’ is a painful condition that can affect any area of the body.  One of the most affected areas is the foot, giving rise to a specialized condition called ‘Morton’s Neuroma’, which typically affects the area between the third and fourth toe.

The benign progression of nerve tissue between toes can cause several problems like pain, discomfort, numbness, tingling, and burning sensation in your toes. It has been seen that mostly women tend to develop Morton’s, as compared to men.

Symptoms of Foot Neuroma

Patients who have foot neuroma exhibit the following symptoms

Intermittent pain in your toes

The sensation is similar to standing on a small rock or having bunched-up sock under the ball of your feet

Discomfort while walking

 The hindering pain can make it difficult to walk or stand for a long time

Toe Numbness

Toes tend to feel numb or tingle


Swelling in the area between toes is a common sign of neuroma.

Causes of Neuroma

Here are the contributing causes –

Wearing improper footwear

Since women tend to wear more varied footwear and that too, high-heeled ones, the condition is more common with ladies. Our team of podiatrists has singled out a common factor in many cases – footwear that causes the toes to be squeezed or constricted can be a culprit. Also, high-heeled shoes with a height of more than 2 inches can also escalate the problem.

Being born with the condition

Having a flat foot or high-arched foot has been prominently seen as a candidate for this condition. Both of these foot types can make toe joints instable, giving rise to neuroma.

Stress and trauma to the foot

Walking for prolonged amount of time with high-heeled shoes or giving repeated pressure to the ball of the foot during athletics football or such type of sport, can cause neuroma.

Treatment for Neuroma’s

Whenever you suffer pain or experience discomfort, do not hesitate to get in touch us with. We are qualified podiatrists who have treated numerous cases of this disease. Remember, the condition can become worse if it is left untreated and may lead towards arthritic feet.

The treatment depends on the cause and severity of this disease. Our team of podiatrists conduct a physical examination of your foot and may if necessary, perform an X-ray to evaluate the problem properly. Early treatment definitely helps you prevent surgery and allow the condition to disappear on its own.

 Some of the non-surgical options include padding the ball of the foot,  offering custom orthotics to treat the problem, steroid injections,  and medication to relieve the pain.   While these treatment methodologies apply for undeveloped neuroma, the rigid ones may need surgical treatment.   However, it is an outpatient procedure and our expert podiatrists armed with years of experience, can get rid of the inflamed nerve and you can get complete relief from pain and discomfort in movement within just a few weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions for Hammer Toe

If you continually experience burning or stabbing pain in your toes or feet, or experience a feeling as if some pebble is stuck under your feet, then fix an appointment with your podiatrist. You may also notice that the problem gets worse when you wear high-heeled or tight shoes. Another thing you may want to look into is numbness or tingling in your foot.
Our team of podiatrists have treated numerous cases of Morton’s neuroma to the complete satisfaction of our patients. We conduct an in-depth examination of your foot and offer a specialized line of treatment based on specific causes that pertain to you.
In complicated cases of neuroma, surgery is the only viable option. This is a common treatment where part of the nerve tissue is removed. It is an outpatient procedure, and you can go home, the same day. We may also opt for radiofrequency ablation, which offers pain relief. But most cases are treated without surgery through the latest treatment methodologies at our disposal.

Do not let neuroma be a hindrance. Untreated, it can lead to permanent nerve damage. Prevention is better than cure, but early treatment is also any day better than irreversible complications.  So if you experience pain in your toe and think it is a neuroma, just book your appointment with one of our experts.

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