Ankle and Feet Arthritis Treatment in Adelaide

Ankle and Feet Arthritis Treatment in Adelaide

Keep Me Walking Podiatry in Adelaide also caters to complaints of arthritis and foot joint pain. Ankle and Feet, arthritis is the swelling and tenderness of one or more joints.

Why Choose KMW Ankle and Feet Arthritis Service:

At Keep Me Walking Podiatry we excel in treating pains associated with arthritis in the feet. This is because we avoid a single fix approach and concentrate on an individualised treatment plan depending on the symptoms, location and duration of your arthritic pain. Arthritis in the feet will present as slightly different symptoms between patients and it should be treated this way.

Symptoms Associated with Ankle and Feet Arthritis:

Symptoms from Arthritis may be different depending on which type. However, it usually shows up as pain with motion, flare-ups of pain at different times, pain with cold weather or in the morning, tenderness in certain areas, and warmth.
At Keep Me Walking Podiatry in Adelaide, we will assess you and may require some follow-up imagining, such as an X-Ray.

Treatment Options for Ankle and Feet:

Treatment for Arthritis in the feet that are offered include:

Exercise &

Shoe wear adjustment

Physical Therapy


Ankle and Feet Arthritis in the feet and ankles is very common if you are having pain in your flat feet or ankles and you have Arthritis. Please do not hesitate to contact Keep Me Walking Podiatry in Adelaide on 1800962113 to get your treatment started today.

Types of Ankle and Feet Arthritis:

Three types of Arthritis generally affect the feet.

1. Osteoarthritis:

In this, there is pain and stiffness in joints due to wear and tear. It is common in middle age. The cartilage in joints wears away, and there is bone-on-bone rubbing. Bone spurs may develop, and the symptoms develop over time

2. Rheumatoid Arthritis:

This is characterized by stiffness, tenderness, and pain in foots and joints. It is a chronic disease in which cover over the joints is compromised, leading to damage to the joints and surrounding structures tendous. It affects the same sides of the body and happens due to triggers in episodes.

3. Posttraumatic Arthritis:

This type occurs after traumatic events or damage to the joints.

Frequently Asked Questions

To confirm a diagnosis of arthritis and determine the extent of the condition, doctors may recommend an X-ray of your foot and ankle. X-beams make photos of the bones of the foot and lower leg that specialists examine for any apparent changes in the dispersing of the joints.
Pain is most likely the first perceptible symptom of arthritis. You might feel a general aggravation in the toes or just the big toe. Individuals depict it as going from a profound, pain-filled feeling to a more honed, wounding sensation when they attempt to move.
Despite the fact that there is no remedy for joint inflammation, there are numerous treatment choices accessible to slow the advancement of the sickness and assuage side effects. With legitimate treatment, many individuals with joint inflammation can deal with their aggravation, stay dynamic, and lead satisfying lives.
Family history, age, gender, previous injury, medical history and weight.
Avoid joint injuries by warming up correctly, wearing appropriate shoes and supporting previous injuries with supports. Keep your body weight low, maintain healthy uric acid levels in the body and do not leave injuries untreated.
Yes arthritis associated pain may come and go. It could come on when you are moving or when you rest. You may feel pain in multiple areas or just certain spots.

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