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Keep Me Walking Podiatry-Athol Park is the region’s leading provider with an excellent reputation for treating lower limb conditions. Since we began as a small clinic, we have grown into a sizeable multidisciplinary facility with clinics in Athol Park and many other places in Adelaide.

KMW Podiatry provides patients with the latest in pediatric technology to ensure that they receive the best treatment for all conditions related to the lower limbs and ankles.

The clients we serve include toddlers to vintage, park runners to athletes competing in triathlons and ultra-marathons. Our relationship-driven approach brings something different to the table for clients of all ages.

We provide services like General Foot-care, sports podiatry, Pediatrics’ Children Podiatry, and other services, including Medical Grade Footwear, Diabetes Management, Neurological assessment, Gait Analysis, Dry Needling, and Vascular Assessment.

Whenever these pediatric conditions are left untreated, they become more severe and serious over time. Therefore, if you are suffering from one of these conditions, you should see a skilled and professional podiatrist like KMW Podiatry. The patient will be thoroughly examined by our specialist.

A professional staff and advanced equipment allow us to treat all conditions affecting the lower limbs.

The specialist will also consider the individual’s medical history. They might sometimes arrange an X-ray, CT check, MRI output, or electromyography. 

Our professional podiatrists have experienced many years of tackling these problems including foot pain, flat feet, cracked heels, neuromas, arthritic feet, warts, and fungal nails. 

You can book an appointment between Monday to Friday or visit our clinic near Athol Park. We’re all ready to serve you in anyway.

For more details, call our podiatrist.

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