Heel Spurs Treatment in Adelaide

Heel spurs occur due to repetitive stress on the soft tissue structures that attach to the heel bone, specifically the plantar fascia.

Symptoms Associated with Heel spur

A heel spur is a calcium growth at the bottom of the heel, visible on X-ray as a small hook. It’s important to note that pain from a heel spur is often attributed to plantar fasciitis, and the two conditions are frequently confused. Sometimes, heel spurs may be asymptomatic and cause no pain. However, the calcium deposits can irritate the surrounding tissue, leading to pain and discomfort, especially during activities like walking or running.

Heel spurs can develop due to factors such as gait abnormalities, sports activities, footwear choices, structural foot issues, or overuse injuries. At Keep Me Walking Podiatry in Adelaide, we offer comprehensive assessments to accurately diagnose and treat heel spurs. Our treatments aim to alleviate symptoms like ache or shooting pain during walking, preventing further complications such as calluses if left untreated.

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Treatment Options for Heel spurs in Adelaide

Treatment for heel spurs may include:

Exercise & Stretching
Shoe Wear Adjustment
Physical Therapy

If you suspect you have foot pain related to heel spurs, please contact Keep Me Walking Podiatry in Adelaide at 1800962113 to schedule an appointment.

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FAQs for Heel Spurs Treatment

Walking gait abnormalities, put excessive weight on the heel bone, and nerves near the heel. Running or jogging, especially on hard surfaces, poorly fitted shoes, especially those lacking appropriate arch support. Excess weight and obesity can cause heel spur.

Some patients take up to three months to make a full recovery following heel bone spur surgery, whereas most patients recover within a few weeks or half a month.

Surgery is the only and best way to remove a heel spur. In most cases, heel spurs don’t cause pain, so treating the cause of your heel spur should ease your heel pain.

A heel spur is a calcium deposit on the heel bone. Spurs are usually smooth outgrowths that have developed over a long period, not spiky protrusions. The bone spur is the point of growth on the bone’s edge.

Sometimes the pain which people may experience while having a heel spur may be due to the way they walk and not due to the spur. However in some cases, the spur may cause pressure on the underlying structures leading to pain.