Corns and Callus Treatment in Adelaide

Corns and calluses are thick, hard skin areas that protect the body against repeated pressure or friction.

Causes of Corns and Callus

Calluses may form due to many different factors such as:

  • The way you walk
  • The shape of your feet
  • Deformities
  • Shoe wear
  • Sports

Corns are smaller raised bumps with a center core which may be hard or soft. Corns tend to be more painful as they form skin balls that put pressure on nerves and blood vessels. Corns tend to be calluses that form over joints. This can further lead to toe deformities as well as ingrown toenails. An example is corns on the top of the small toes due to constant rubbing from shoe wear.

Corns and Callus Treatment

Why Choose Us for Your Care?

At Keep Me Walking Podiatry, we will assess the corn or callus that you have, the severity, the location, and the causes. Dealing with these complications can sometimes be very simple or complicated depending on the presentation. You can rest assured that Keep Me Walking Podiatry will formulate a plan for your specific needs.

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Treatment Options for Corns and Callus

At Keep Me Walking Podiatry in Adelaide, we will assess your corn or callus and choose the best route for treatment. Treatment may include:

Debriding callus
Shoe Wear Adjustment
Removing Corns
Weight Distribution

Calluses and corns are very common. At Keep Me Walking Podiatry in Adelaide, we can help with the treatment of your callus or corns. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1800962113 to book an appointment today.

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FAQ's For Corns and Callus Treatment Adelaide

Usually they can be treated in one session. However, in some more severe cases they may require more sessions. Treating callus or corns also has a long term aspect which includes finding out why they are happening and working on a solution.

No, corns and callus are due to friction and pressure. They are not contagious.

Yes, with the appropriate treatment and addressing the underlying cause. Corns can be treated for the long term.

No, corns do not have roots. Corns are pressure and friction when it occurs over a joint. This leads to an accumulation of hard skin a ball form. Leading to pressure on underlying structures and pain.